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Fitness among the children has become a major cause of concern these days. Parents are really worried about their children’s health. This is especially because of the fact that children find it really difficult to manage time for fitness activities. They also do not have sufficient space around them where they can do such activities. That is why we are here with some extraordinary fitness courses for children. Our Online Fitness Program for Kids will keep your children engaged in fitness activities. These courses will teach the students how to remain fit even when they are at their homes. These courses are highly engaging and are also quite interactive. With our courses, you kids will feel more energetic and their concentration level will also increase.

Our Online Fitness Program for Kids will transform your children from being tired and sloppy to being fit and energetic at all times. These kids fitness courses are taught by fitness experts who have years of experience in the fitness industry. We will also provide our students with elaborate course material so that they are able to master every single aspect of the course. Our very special list of online courses is curated for the best interest of the kids and the parents. The courses will trigger both mental as well as physical growth of the students. The courses will encourage the students to perform better in their studies and also keep the fun alive. So, enroll your kids for our Online Fitness Program for Kids today itself and allow them to enjoy a completely new experience.

Course Details

In Online Fitness Program for Kids course, we focus on physical exercise which makes your body fits and makes your body grow as well for your kids.

We all know that how busy the schedule kids have at this time by doing this exercise they feel fit and healthy and make their mind calm and clear and make them focused on their studies.

Their so many benefits for kids by joining this course to build healthy and self-control.

Course Requirements

  • Have active internet.
  • Have electronic device for access for classes.
  • Have proper space for doing classes.
  • Have to attend 3 days per week classes for better results.

Course Syllabus

  • Basics exercise
  • Mind clam exercise.
  • Bodybuilding exercise.
  • Muscle exercise.

Course Information

Batch Starts: New Batch Starts from Every Monday and Tuesday
Course Duration: 3 Months (36 Classes)
Student Per Batch: Individual Batch– 1 Student
Friends Batch – Upto 10 Students
Group Batch – Upto 20 Students
Classroom Batch – Upto 50 Students
Batch Schedule: Monday , Wednesday & Friday
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Batch Timing: Morning – 06:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Evening - 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Class Time: 1 Class will be of 50 Mins

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