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Teaching English to kids can be quite a challenging affair, especially if it not your mother-tongue. However, the prospect can be quite rewarding. So, give your kids the required skills and confidence with our Online Spoken English Classes for Kids . Our online English lessons will not only allow your kids to develop their spoken English skills but will also help them to develop core learning skills and are meant for the best interest of the candidates. Our courses have been specially designed by experts for kids of a specific age group. With our Online Spoken English Classes for Kids, your kids will learn to express themselves with confidence. The courses are also engaging, motivating and inspiring. They have been particularly designed around the way children learn.

As you know, learning is a long, continuous and dynamic process and with our exclusive range of English courses, you will be able to keep your kids engaged all the time. Our courses focus on all four English learning aspects which are Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Our virtual classes have been effectively imparting knowledge to the students for quite a while now. You will be able to unlock your child’s potential and shape their future. You will also be able to build your child’s future and improve their grammatical skills. Our instructors will also make the courses fun and games for the kids and will also encourage the kids to take more interest in their work. Each of our courses also has a specific learning objective.

Course Details

Online Spoken English Classes for Kids course is based on building confidence in a child to speak in English without any hesitation. We made this course interesting for the kids so that they find it easy to learn by using some interesting activities like storytelling, audiobooks, showing some pictures of the cartoon in English through that they won't feel bored and enjoy the learning.

While learning Spoken English course kids will improve their grammatical skills, and speaking skills through our experts. The teacher uses their expertise to nurture confident speakers, creative writers, and independent readers to your kids.

Course Requirements

  • Age should be under 15
  • The student should be attended all classes
  • Active internet connection
  • Should attend all monthly exam

Course Syllabus

  • Listening and Responding: Through Discussions
  • Increase and learn vocabulary.
  • Learn to make the sentence
  • Improve their grammar

Course Information

Batch Starts: New Batch Starts from Every Monday and Tuesday
Course Duration: 3 Months (36 Classes)
Student Per Batch: Individual Batch– 1 Student
Friends Batch – Upto 10 Students
Group Batch – Upto 20 Students
Classroom Batch – Upto 50 Students
Batch Schedule: Monday , Wednesday & Friday
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Batch Timing: Morning – 06:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Noon – 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Evening - 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Class Time: 1 Class will be of 50 Mins

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