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Our Online Yoga Session for Kids are extremely beneficial for the kids these days. These courses will help the kids to get into the habit of practicing yoga on a regular basis. These courses are highly interactive and will also help you to understand all about mindfulness. Our courses will also help the kids to understand the value of self-care. The course material is also designed in an engaging way. By the help of these courses, parents will find it easier to introduce yoga and mindfulness to the kids. These courses are also great for kids of all ages. The parents can also be greatly benefitted from our courses. They will be able to keep their kids engaged. This will also improve their overall health conditions.

These days, kids are so involved in their academics that they hardly have the time to practice yoga or other such activities. This makes it all the more important for kids to take up online yoga courses so that at least dedicate some time for physical activities. This will greatly refresh their minds and will allow them to feel more confident of themselves. The courses are also geared at building an emotional quotient for the children who has a big role to play in shaping a child’s future. These courses will improve their memory, concentration and focus. We will also help your child to relax. Our courses also involve acquiring knowledge of health awareness and meditation. So, get your kids started off today itself.

Course Details

In Online Yoga Session For Kids, you learn different aashan to make yourself fit and active all day. This course changes your whole life forever if you start to learn this yoga. your experts will take classes to make your day fit and healthy with their expertise.

In this course, you will learn to assist in Increasing Concentration and Help to maintain the natural Body Clock. Which are very important in your busy schedule.

Course Requirements

  • Have to attend all 3 days classes.
  • Have an active internet.
  • Have a laptop or desktop or mobile phone access for classes.
  • Have regularly attended classes for a good result.

Course Syllabus

  • Learn body stretching aashan.
  • Learn body clam yoga.
  • Learn difficult aashan.
  • Learn disciple and mind calmness.
  • Asshan makes your mind calm.

Course Information

Batch Starts: New Batch Starts from Every Monday and Tuesday
Course Duration: 3 Months (36 Classes)
Student Per Batch: Individual Batch– 1 Student
Friends Batch – Upto 10 Students
Group Batch – Upto 20 Students
Classroom Batch – Upto 50 Students
Batch Schedule: Monday , Wednesday & Friday
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Batch Timing: Morning – 06:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Evening - 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Class Time: 1 Class will be of 50 Mins

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Admission Fee - Rs.299

Class Fees - Rs. X 3 Months

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